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Branding is powerful. It is about bringing together strategy and creativity to develop a big picture vision that can operate on every level. Successful branding is recognizable, conveys a feeling, and can set a company up for future functionality and efficient work flow.

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Visual Audit and Brand Guide

Compiled visual assets across all channels to provide and overview of branding. From there developed standardized brand guide options to move forward with.

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Branding Development

Developed brand identity including logos, colors, icons, graphics, etc.. to be used for packaging and all digital channels. 

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Company Rebrand

Complete rebranding for natural baby company. Strategy and redesign of logo, style guide, branding assets, and graphics to be used in print and digital media.

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Company Rebrand

Collaborated with design agency to rebrand natural period product company. Strategized to develop new logo, style guide, colors, and graphics to be used for digital and print media.


Branding Development

Branding development for nutrition beverage company. Worked with a team to develop graphics, colors, and brand identity.



In addition to designing logos as part of a larger brand identity, I've designed many logos in collaboration with business owners based on their unique visions.

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