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since 2014

Image by Drew Beamer

C. Chen

Emblem Flowers, CA

Emiko is an incredibly gifted artist and designer. She continues to provide me with creative and beautiful solutions to my design challenges. 
In all my interactions with Emiko, she is a wonderful team player, a great collaborator and a pleasure to work with.

Citizen + Darling


Working with Emiko was such an enjoyable experience to rebrand my logo for my business. Her incredible talent gave me something completely unique and it turned out more beautiful that anticipated. 
She was quick to respond, super easy to work with, and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to add something extra special to their brand.

T. Kendall

Life with Cat + Fox, CA

Working with Emiko was such a lovely experience! I contacted her for a logo design and was so impressed with how she not only asked me for details about the project, but also wanted to hear the heart and the "why" behind it. And I felt she incorporated all that into our final design. She was so easy to work with, open to hearing ideas and suggestions, and gave me choices at each step of the design process. The final result was everything I had pictured in my mind and more!
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